Our Management Team has over 35 years of experience conducting residential property inspections for real estate transactions, new construction consulting, insurance risk/replacement cost assessments and claims loss.

We have combined this experience to offer the highest value of Quality Assurance Inspection Programs for your book of business. We help underwriters obtain accurate data for their policies so that you can provide the most accurate coverage for insuring your clients.


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Wind Mitigation QA Re-Inspection Program

With over 4000 Re-Inspections completed for our insurance carriers, we easily identify inaccurate mitigation credits that should not have been applied to the policy premium. Our reports display a side-by-side comparison of the Original Inspections versus the QA Re-Inspection.

This program is extremely helpful for Citizens take-out policies where mitigation discounts have already been applied to the premium upon acquisition. We have found that nearly 60% of the QA Re-Inspections we complete are incorrect (many related to the Opening Protection which provides some of the biggest financial discounts to the premium). Let IIS provide the accurate data so that you can provide the accurate coverage for your customers.....and save money as well!!!

Insurance To Value (ITV) Report

We utilize Marshall & Swift/Beockh (MSB) to provide an accurate ITV & Replacement Cost Valuation following an on-site inspection of the dwelling. This report is typically coupled with the Risk Assessment Inspection to provide an entire snap shot of the property so that underwriters can insure with confidence.

Risk Assessment Inspection

Allow our inspectors to identify risks associated with residential dwellings such as: sink hole potential, foundation/wall cracks, damaged roofs, overhanging trees, aggressive animals and pools/trampolines that are not protected.